The Village

Join us in helping those who need

shelter from the crisis in Ukraine.


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We are excited to announce that Legacy Refuge is partnering with the German non-profit Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Verein to open The Village.

The Village is a facility in western Germany where we will be able to offer housing and care to up to 140 orphans, foster families, orphans who have aged out of care (some with children of their own) and other vulnerable families, who have fled the conflict in Ukraine.

The Property

Our partners are providing use of their facility and support from some of their volunteers. Legacy Refuge is bringing in the refugees that we have contact with and supporting the costs and other programming while they’re here.

The beautiful facility offers comfortable accommodations as well as acres of outdoor space to play and take walks. We will make sure there are trauma counselors available so we are addressing more than just basic physical needs. We are even planning a summer camp for all the kids!


The Village is designed to be a long-term solution, offering refuge to vulnerable Ukrainian refugees for 6-12 months or more. We don’t know how long the war in Ukraine will last, but even if it were to end tomorrow, many of the people we know have nothing to return to.

Their homes, orphanages, and sometimes whole communities have been completely destroyed. An end to violence does not guarantee it will be safe to return right away. We are committed to caring for these kids and families for the long-haul.


The commitment to provide for this many people for an undefined period of time can be daunting at times. But we feel strongly that this is how we are called to respond at this stage of the crisis, so we’re stepping out in faith that all of the financial needs will be provided. Will you partner with us by giving to the work of The Village?

We also need your support in prayer for the staff, volunteers, counselors, kids, camps, and every aspect of this enormous undertaking. Together we can make sure that The Village is a true place of refuge for those who need it most.

Not all are called to adopt, but all are called to orphan-care.