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Our non-profit has been working with orphans in Ukraine for over five years. We have full time staff, volunteers, friends, and hundreds of orphans we are connected to there. As the atrocities of the attack on Ukraine begin playing out it’s easy to feel helpless. But we are ready to put our hand up and help in this situation. Though plans and strategies are rapidly changing, sometimes by the hour, we are committed to raising funds that prioritize helping at-risk orphans, but which can also be used to help anyone in need. We are focused on helping in three key areas: transport & evacuation costs, food & lodging, immigration & legal aid. 

Three Ways we will Help Ukrainian Orphans & refugees in Crisis


Transport & Evacuation Costs


Food & Lodging


Legal & Immigration AID

Many people we know in Ukraine are already living on an extremely tight budget. The thought of having to leave their home and pay for transport, food, and other costs incurred from traveling can be a huge hindrance. We want to help calm these worries so they feel comfortable heading somewhere safe, knowing their transport and evacuation costs will be covered. 
Once they flee Ukraine and arrive in a new country, they will be faced with the daunting tasks of figuring out how to find and pay for food and lodging. Our goal is to pre-coordinate lodging, food, and volunteers to help Ukrainian refugees 
Once refugee orphans arrive in Poland or another bordering country, they will need help with fees as they apply for visas to travel to be with their host families or adoptive families in the USA.
Those who are not orphans will need assistance to find housing until they are able to return to Ukraine or discover their next steps.

Not all are called to adopt, but all are called to orphan-care.