The Struggle to Reunite Ukrainian Orphans with their Adoptive Families in the Midst of War


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One of the quickest and easiest ways that you can join us in our stand for Ukrainian orphans is by signing this petition. By doing so, we can urge government representatives to ACT NOW FOR ORPHANS!

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how can we advocate for orphans in ukraine?


Hundreds of families, including Legacy Refuge founders Justin and Alaya Hayslett, are in the process of adopting orphans from Ukraine. They have hosted and built relationships with these kids, who are already part of these families in spirit even if not yet on paper. Because of the war, the process has come to a sudden halt.

We are calling on hundreds (or thousands!) of people to reach out to their representatives, to inundate them with the message that these kids matter and can’t be forgotten. We are asking them to create a legal path for these kids to come and temporarily live with their families until it is safe for them to return to Ukraine and re-start the adoption process.

Remember that we are talking about children who have survived the trauma of losing their parents and are now experiencing new trauma as their country is under siege. For those who are known and loved by American families, it is unnecessary for them to live in harm’s way in Ukraine or as refugees scattered throughout Europe with no one to care for them. Let’s bring them home!

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Not all are called to adopt, but all are called to orphan-care.