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We have reached a point in our ministry in which the momentum, fruit, and  potential require a full-time effort to steward. It’s time, God is with us and lives are changing. And in order for us to continue impacting orphans lives in Ukraine we need to raise support partners who will faithfully partner with us in both regular prayer and monthly financial commitments. 


Multiple camps in multiple states in America with Orphans from Ukraine

20-30 orphans to US for camps and hosting this summer and winter

Three children in process of adoption come home to their forever family

10 more children starting the process of adoption this year

Multiple teams from America to Ukraine for missions trips

Spend 3-6 months in Ukraine to continue building programs there

1,000 Christmas gifts given out to orphans in Ukraine

Many more oprhans give their lives to Christ


Launch coffee shop and bakery for aged­‑out orphans  to gain work-skills

Launch private Christian orphanage in Ukraine

Parnter with ministries and churches to create programs for vulnerable families and children


One and a half years ago we put on our first ever Camp Legacy. This is where we bring orphans from Ukraine to America for a Christian summer camp. The point is to show them what a home environment is like, teach them life skills, share the gospel, and connect them with potential adoptive families. During this first camp our family had eight orphans for five full weeks with us 24/7! It was challenging  and INCREDIBLE! 

Two brothers, Vova & Alex, where at this camp. That winter we brought the same eight orphans plus the boys’ little brother back to Minnesota to stay for 4 weeks with families. An amazing family stepped up to host these brothers, with one caveat, that they would host them but there is NO WAY they were going to adopt!! Within a few weeks this family fell in love and moved forward in the adoption process to adopt these three brothers AND their four-year-old sister who was still in Ukraine. Early January 2020 these four siblings came home to their forever family. It was incredible to have a front row seat in this amazing journey!

Salvation Stories

This winter we raised money to bring 1,000 Christmas gifts to orphans in Ukraine. We went for a month to help give out these gifts and put on winter programs at the orphanages. During the camps we always have small group time with the same group of children broken up into age groups. This winter I was in the group with older orphans from 15-18 years old. Before I came I learned a couple worship songs in Russian. During our last small group of the camp, as I was singing you could sense the presence of God working in these kiddos hearts. After that I was able to spend a long time explaining the Gospel to them especially that they have a chance to be adopted by a Father who will never leave them. After this, six of those children told me they wanted to give they lives to Christ!!

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