May 2, 2023

Five Loaves and Two Fish

We started working with Ukrainian orphans about seven years ago. We had nothing but faith and a willingness to go; to offer our five loaves and two fish (Matt 14:13-21); to meet a massive need, obey God together, and use the little we have to bring Glory to God by impacting the world’s most vulnerable.

Our work grew slowly until the summer of 2018, when we brought eight Ukraine orphans to Minnesota for a six-week summer hosting experience! At the time, we had zero dollars and needed to raise $35,000. It seemed impossible! But God miraculously provided, and we felt we were already beginning to witness God’s multiplication of our sacrifice. After seeing God work so powerfully that summer, we had a choice: We could either keep this a side project or go ALL IN! We went all in!

We sold our home, let go of a thriving real estate business, bought an RV, and hit the road with our family of six (one of them just a year old!) to spread the word about orphan care and the needs of these kids in Ukraine!

Then in 2020, we hit another fork in the road. Covid demolished our summer plans, and we could not bring Ukraine orphans to America for our orphan hosting camps or bring teams to Ukraine to do orphanage programs. We had another choice: step back and let Legacy Refuge become a side project, or move to Ukraine and go all in AGAIN! We went ALL IN!

That year our impact, influence, and growth multiplied again. We built staff, teams, and an incredible board of directors. We started innovative projects like our barista school for aged-out orphans and experienced radical salvations and life change in the orphans we work with through these programs. Many of you responded and sacrificed with us as we all kept taking steps to go all in and see God multiply our faith, turning it into tangible love in orphans’ lives.

Then at the start of 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. And because of our other steps of faith offering back to God what we had given, he used our family and organization powerfully to respond to the overwhelming needs of orphans caught in a senseless crisis. God continued multiplying our initial offering. Each step took radical obedience and difficult surrender, yet it produced glorious fruit.

What are your five loaves and two fish? Are you willing to lay it down for God’s kingdom? Are you ready to be discomforted so orphans can be comforted? Are you willing to sacrifice so God can impact their lives through you?

Don’t be afraid to use the little you have to offer because little surrendered into the hands of an infinitely powerful God produces eternal fruit.

I dream of seeing an army of Christians willing to sacrifice their comfort and lives so orphans can find Christ, heal from trauma, and live healthy, productive lives.
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