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In 2022 we are hoping to provide Ukraine Orphan Hosting along with two of our Camp Legacy camps. Once the children arrive we will have a seven day camp and after the camp the children will stay for 4-5 weeks in a host family. You can scroll below to find out more information. You can also register your interest in hosting a child (and gain access to the child photo-list), volunteering at a camp, or donating towards the camp or hosting.

WHY Camps & Orphan HOSTING?


Gives a child a break from INstitutional Living for a summer


Gives the child VISIOn of what a family could and should look like


Exposes the child to potential adoptive families


Exposes the child to another culture


Gives them hope and love which they desperately crave


Gives your family a meaningful cause to rally around


**All dates are approximate and may change sightly depending on final airline tickets.**

More info coming soon

Register below to let us know if you would like to be a part of impacting orphans from Ukraine this summer through donating, volunteering at our camps, or hosting a child in your home.

Steps to access Ukraine Orphans Photo List

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BRING HOPE, JOY, & LOVE to a Ukrainian Orphan

Hosting is an incredible way to spend your summer on something meaningful that can have a profound impact on, not only the orphans life who you host, but on your and your families life as well. 
If your question is not answered below, feel free to register below and ask your question in the ‘message’ section and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Do I have to want to adopt to host?
No! Our hope for these children is that they will either be adopted by their host family or that the host family will become their advocate and champion. That you will work to help them find another family in your community who will adopt them, or to become their advocate and help them in Ukraine by staying connected, sending gifts when our teams go, and even, help them through our aged out programs in Ukraine. 
How do I start the process?

1) Register your information above to recieve the available children in our Ukraine Hosting Program.

2) Look through the available children, read their descriptions, and spend time praying about the right fit. 

3) You can then fill out the application at the bottom of that page and send in your $150 application fee to put your child on hold.

4) Complete a Home Safety visit with a local social services professional.

5) Fill out our remaining paperwork, background check, and hosting agreement

6) Pay your full fees by the deadlines


How will language differences be handled?
We do bring interpreters with the host group and they will be accessible by phone while the children are here. However, most families find they get by with Google translate, charades, and pointing! 
Are all the children on the host list available for adoption?

Most of them are, but some are not. Because of the laws and the way social services work in Ukraine some of the children who come on our Legacy Ukraine hosting and camps live in the orphanage but are not orphan status yet. They may still have parents who have rights somewhere. or sometime there are children who have parental rights removed but they don’t wish to be adopted. In these situations, they will be noted in the descriptions of the children.

What if I want to adopt after hosting?

Our hope is that this is your question after you send these amazing kiddos back to Ukraine. If so, we can point you in the right direction. Though we are not an adoption agency we can send you options of reputable adoption agencies in the US.

From the point you start your adoption paperwork with the agency the process of Ukrainain adoption can take anywhere from 9 to 24 months. 

However you can take part in our many trips with teams to Ukraine or ge a part of our next Ukraine Orphan Hosting program either in the winter or summer.

Why host an orphan?
When you host an orphan you give them much needed hope and love. You also give them a break from institutional living and open their eyes to what a family could and should look like. It also exposes them to people like you or others in your community to may want to pursue coming their adoptive family.
DoI have to live in Minnesota to Host?
No! You can live anywhere in the USA. However, you would be in responsible for picking the child up in Minnesota at the designated date and flying them back with them to MN after the Ukraine Hosting program is completed.
What informational / orientation meetings will be provided prior to the child(ren)’s arrival?
We will be conducting multiple info nights and FAQ nights online. You can register for live webinars or watch past webinars here —
Legacy Refuge also requires that families complete our training before they can host their child and be a part of our Ukraine Host Program. This will be sent to each family after they register and pay their initial application fee.
Can we buy gifts or send money back home with our host child?

We have very strict guidelines as to what can and cannot be purchased or sent back home with your host child. These will be sent to you in details after you fill out your application. The basics are, no electronics, no brand new name brands items or expensive items. This can be dangerous and detrimental to the child and causes them to be a target for bullying back in Ukraine.

Can the host child stay with us after the host program?

We wish that was possible, and we know it’s a very difficult things to send back a child you have connected with knowing they are going back to a hard environment. Unforutnaly, it is against the law to keep them longer and could jepordize Ukraine hosting as a whole and international adoptions in general if this were to happen.


What information is available about the child?

We will proive you with a brief description of each child along with any information we know. Unfortuanly, because of Ukraine laws and privacy issues the full details, history, health details, etc are only available through an adoption agency. 

How long with the children be staying in my home?

After the initial 7-10 day camp you will pick up the child from the camp location and take them to live with you for 4-5 weeks. 

What donation is required with us hosting a child(ren)? Are there any financial assistance programs available?

The donation for each child is $2,700 – $2,900. Under certain circumstances, if there is a financial need there may be options for financial grants to offset the cost of hosting.

Cost of hosting 1 child: $2,900

Cost of hosting 2 or more children: $2,700 / child

Early bird cost: $2,800

We can also talk with you and point you towards helpful fundraising tools and platforms.

What does our host fee cover?
  • Your host child’s travel document preparation
  • Background checks
  • Childs airfare and travel
  • Medical Insurance for your child during the program
  • Online training courses
Is it harsh to host a child in America and then send them back?

Yes and no! And this can be very depending on how you handle your time with them. We always say, just because we can’t move to Disney, doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing experience.


So we believe that hosting is an incredible opportunity for these Ukrainian orhpans to get exposed to life outside the institution. They get to see what a healthy family should and could look like. They get to meet other families who may become their adoptive family, learn another langauge, grow their worldview, and mostly find hope and love that they desperately crave. Statistically 70% – 90% of children hosted get adopted, either by the host family, or someone who meets them through the process.

There are harmful things a family can inadvertaly do to damage a child and make their return difficult. This will be covered in detail during the host training. 


How does Legacy Refuge follow up with the children

We don’t consider ourselves a Hosting Agency. Though we do Ukraine orphan hosting, we consider ourselves primarily, a ministry to orphans.

Our teams go to Ukraine 3-4 times per year and bring children here multiple times per year. We also work with partners on the ground in Ukraine to conduct Christian camps at the orphanages and follow up with the children. We deliver Christmas gifts to children in winter and we are working to setup aged out programs where aged out orphans can get into a transition home or apartment, have a job to get job skills, and a Christian community to build their character. We are committed to each child we bring for the long haul! We hope you will be a part on a little or large way!

Camp Legacy Recap

The first 7 days of each hosting trip the children will be a part of a 7 day camp where volunteers will help cook, clean, play, go on outings, and go activities. 

You can serve for part of a day, a whole day, or the whole seven days! This is a great way to do something meaningful this summer. 



Not all are called to adopt, but all are called to orphan-care.

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