Legacy Camp 2018

Do something significant this summer!

About Camp Legacy 2018

This summer we have the opportunity to host 7-9 Ukranian orphans in Zimmerman, MN. We will be putting on a month long Christian-based, English speaking camp from June 16-July 19. We are inviting you to participate for the day, a week, or the whole time! We will need all hands on deck to make this happen. We have the opportunity to show these kids love and hope. To give them a picture of what a real family should look like. We will spend time everyday doing devotions, English speaking lessons, outdoor activities, arts & crafts, and teaching life skills. Six of these eight kids are adoptable.


Here are some areas you can get involved in:


  • Come play with the kids
  • Teach English
  • Donate financially — we need A LOT of money!!
  • Donate supplies
  • Help with logistics
  • Help facilitate and supervise excursions (camping, boating, hiking, etc)
  • Help cook, clean, or serve
  • Prep the facility / camp
  • Help with activities / crafts
  • Reach out to businesses to donate or host an outing
  • Sponsor a child


Register below with your name, email, phone and select any and all of the areas you are interested in helping with.

Once you register we will send you an email with more details and PHOTOS / description of the kids we are hosting!

Fundraising Update:

Thanks for considering donating towards Camp Legacy 2018! We are still in need of just over $20,000 to ensure all of the 8 children from Ukraine can come! We have funding for 3 of the 8. Each child costs $3750, which includes costs from Ukraine to Minnesota for the whole month and all the food, activities, materials, and everything in between.


Company Donation Match

 Many companies will match their employees contribution to a non-profit organization. So search below and see if you can double your gift!

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Select any and all areas your are interested in helping with:

12 + 6 =


To see orphans saved, loved, adopted, and empowered to live a healthy productive life.


June 16 – July 19