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We exist to see every orphan come to faith in Christ, adopted, and empowered to live a healthy productive life and reach their God given potential.

A ministry to Ukrainian Orphans

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Meet Our Team

Justin and Alaya

Justin and Alaya


Justin and Alaya are high school sweethearts that were best friends since 6th grade! They rode the same bus together and would talk to each other on the phone till the wee hours of the night! Alaya helped lead Justin to Christ when they were 15 years old. She had grown up in a strong Christian home but began to walk away from what she was taught. And Justin came from a background completely different from that. Growing up in a family where God was not a part of the picture. Justin’s mother died from alcoholism when he was 10 and his dad raised him by himself. One summer Alaya recommitted her life to Christ at a Christian retreat, and when she came home she was a different person. She knew she had to separate herself from the wrong influences and one of those was Justin. His heart was broken and one night Alaya and her friend told him about Jesus over the phone and together they called their pastor and he led Justin to Christ over the phone! Soon after this Justin and Alaya started dating! A year later they went on a mission trip together with their youth group to a small town in Russia where they stayed at an orphanage and built a playground for the kids their. This trip began to place a passion for making a difference, orphan care, and serving God full time in their hearts. After high school Justin moved to Sydney Australia for a year and when Alaya came to visit Justin proposed to Alaya her there. They have both spent time studying at Hillsong International Leadership College. They have three amazing little boys and run a real estate company (legacyhomesmn.com) together. They have also started this ministry, Legacy Refuge, a Christian ministry that exists to see every orphan come to faith in Christ, adopted, and empowered to live a healthy productive life and reach their God given potential.
Vitaly and Luba

Vitaly and Luba

Ukraine Volunteers

Vitaly and his wife Luba serve Legacy Refuge as their full team staff in Kiev. They do on the ground missions work everyday! After high school Vitaly received a bachelors of Theology degree in a bible college in Kiev. This prepared him mentally and spiritually for the ministry he is doing today. Directly  after he graduated from college he went to the war zone on the East of Ukraine to aid in planting new churches. Through the years Vitaliy has done many projects with orphans both in the east region and all around Ukraine, where he was a part of conducting camps, Sunday school classes, and teaching children music and the Bible. No long after, he returned to Kiev and started a new ministry with orphans all over Ukraine. He has visited several orphanages and been a part of many orphan camps. This year God gave Vitaliy a wonderful partner to his life, the woman which also loves Him and has a passion for orphan ministry too. Together they make a great team for the great work of conducting ministry to orphans. Recently they moved to the city, Vinnytsia, where they joined the YWAM team to partner with them in their work with orphans in this region. In Vinnytsia they visit orphanages four times per week. Twice a week they visit two different orphanages and twice they visit the baby orphan hospital in the city. Vitaliy and Luba plan and help facilitate the summer camps and hosting programs with Legacy Refuge. They want to show those children the life which God has for them. You can be part of that, be world-changers, by partnering with us to influence the life of orphans.

Jay Messerer

Board of Directors & Leadership Coach

Francious & Lauren

Board of Directors and Marketing


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