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We exist to see every orphan come to faith in Christ, adopted, and empowered to live a healthy productive life and reach their God given potential.  

We Serve

Orphans, vulnerable children and families seeking to foster or adopt.

We Host

Ukrainian orphans multiple times throughout the year.

We Respond

To crisis and natural disasters in Ukraine to help where we can.

Emergency Response: Ukraine Crisis

Help Ukrainian Orphans and Families.

Your emergency gift will help us provide food, travel costs and emergency supplies to refugee orphans and families in Ukraine and those now displaced. Please give what you can today.

Your gift allows us to deliver comprehensive help to people affected by humanitarian crises and will be used where and when most needed. And, when combined with those of other donors, your gift becomes a powerful means to support our vital work, including orphan and foster care, education, health care, emergency support and job training for families in crisis worldwide.

Reach Us

For general questions or to learn more in how to get involved please contact us.